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How to Use Your Online SYQEL Account as a Background for OBS

You can add your online (aka URL based) SYQEL account to OBS for streaming. You can accomplish this in a variety of different ways.

If you have a free SYQEL account, then you do not have your own personal DJ URL, and you can’t use your own DJ logo. Instead, the SYQEL logo will show in the top left corner. (If you have a free account, you also don’t have access to all visuals. Pro Memberships are only $9/month. It’s something worth thinking about.) We feel for the up and coming DJs of the world, so we made sure that free users can still use OBS to elevate your streams.

But, if you have a Pro Membership SYQEL account, then you do have your own personal DJ URL. You also have the ability to upload your own branded logo. You will use that to stream on OBS.

So, let’s get to it.

Note: You must already have OBS to connect your online SYQEL account with OBS.

If you haven’t installed OBS yet, go do that, then meet us back here.

Also note: If you have the SYQEL OBS desktop shortcut installed already, OBS is already using SYQEL to visualize your music.

It’s just using your desktop app. The desktop app has better reactivity, because it works offline, with no lag.

If you want to install the shortcut for the desktop app (which you need a pro membership to use) instead of using your online account, click here.

OBS will be visualizing all this. Exciting, right?

Step 1: Sign up for a SYQEL account. (If you’ve already done this, skip this part.)

On the top right side of the SYQEL website is a green “Sign Up” button. Click on that (or this link) and fill out the required information (name, email, password, etc.)

This account also acts as your web-based music visualizer.

Step 1.1: Log into your online SYQEL account, if you are not already logged on.

Also, make sure your mic is turned on (it will turn green when it’s on.)

Step 2: Copy your URL to use as a browser source in OBS.

For the Free SYQEL Users:

Copy the URL

For the Pro SYQEL Users:

Click on your Profile icon in the top right corner of the screen (when on your online account.) Under that, click “Settings,” then “Streaming Settings.”

Your screen should look like this:

Then, click on your DJ streaming URL (which is your own personal URL), which copies it to your clipboard.

Step 3: Add your SYQEL account URL to OBS as a browser source.

Now launch OBS.

You need scenes in order to add media sources. So, if you do not already have a scene, create one by clicking the + sign under “Scenes.”

Then click the + sign under “Sources”. Then click “Browser.”

You’ll have to give your new source a name. We recommend SYQEL (you’ll remember it, and also we’re slightly biased.)

After that, this screen will pop up:

Paste your URL (the standard browser address or your personal DJ URL, depending on membership plan) into the URL box. Then click “OK.”

Step 4: Stretch the visualizer to fit the screen.

When you fit click “OK,” the visualizer will load as a small box in the upper left hand corner.

That is probably not the desired effect.

Right click on the visualizer, then scroll down to “Transform.”

Then click “Stretch to Screen.”

And there you have it – a screen fit for the best of both streamers and listeners.

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